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I Got Raped !!!

On 9-August-2009

Well This might sound alarming in the beginning but Yes, I Got Raped 😎 !!

It happened when I was sleeping this morning & i saw this dream. I was Smoking a Fag outside a Building and a sexy girl in the building in front called me for help. When i reached there i saw her standing on a chair with a White Mini Skirt and a Pink Short Top trying to hang some curtains. She asked me to help her as she was unable to reach the top. :- I clearly remember looking at her from the bottom 😛 which means she was taller then me.

Anyways I Helped her Get down By giving her some support in the Back :-[ and i climbed up the chair and completed hanging the curtains. As soon i got down she closed the curtains and to my surprise a sexy girl came from somewhere and pulled me inside the room, Pulled my clothes off took out a Condom and asked to be quick. Rest all is Censored. O:-)

I don’t know Y i got this kind of dream. But i Loved it 🙂 and Luckily I Remember It.

If you have got any such dream I would love to her. Comment Me.

Saurabh Goswami  

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