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Movie Review – Wake Up Sid

Worth Spending thrice on this movie.


This is one of those moviess which has been made into highlight by showing a rich boy who loves to spend his parent’s money. I would say this is one movie i can relate to… In the movie Ranbir was a college student who loved to spend his parent’s money and his mother was always supportive, However.. he never respected his mother nor his father’s effort in building such a big business empire… Now this kind of story line is very common.. But what happens after this is the real part… !!

When he failed in his graduation exam his father Kicks him out of his house and tell him to live on his own and earn for a living… Then he goes to his friend, Konkana Sen. Who was a struggling writer. He could not change himself for sometime as he was used to all the luxery but after some time he realised that he is really good in photography, Which actually was his hobby but he was really good in it.. So konkana helps him in getting a part time assignment and he prooves himself in it and his photo gets published in a Magzine..

Well this was the whole story… What i learnt from this movie was…

” If given an option & chance to persue what you actually like one can make wonders in life ”

I wonder what i actually like doing. Maybe its interacting and connecting with people or just talking or something else. I am still trying to figure it out.

If you have figured it out I would love to hear.. Comment..

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