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BEWARE :: Somebody is looking at your Sister

Somebody is looking at your Sister

Have you ever come accross these type of statements. I had one today.

I posted a Blog " Cute Face " and my sister wrote a comment that

" Did you get her permission to a)take the snap b)post it on the net? "

I replied " Did’nt got a Chance "

On this she replied " So if some guy who is a stranger to you and your sister, takes and posts her pics on his blog without her permission , you wouldn’t mind at all? "

I Posted

" Yes i Wont Mind. In the Pic above i never posted anything vulgar about the girl nor abusive. Moreover.. If this pic would have been taken by TOI and posted in the newspaper with the same tag-line it would have been a diffrent scene, but this is a Blog. Everyday more then 100 people look at my sister like I do at others. Neither they will stop nor I can

I wonder how i would feel bad if someone called my sister Cute. "

I have seen many brothers being very protective for their Sisters, Girlfriends. If someone calls them Cute or hot then they feel very bad and are even ready for a fight.

I have a question Here. " When You go out in the big bad world out there u look at 100’s of girls and call them cute, hot and many more words.. Then you dont think that they are someone’s sister or Girlfriend.. So why to get annoyed if someone else calls your Sister or Girlfriend "

Seriously, I would not mind if someone called my sister cute/ hot/ sexy etc..

Reason Being

#1 If she is i cant help it and in india everybody has a Right of Speech.

#2 If i dont want her to be called those words i should first stop her from going out of house & stop calling looking & calling other girls those words ( Looking cos u dont always speak )

I never eve-tease anyone nor pass any pro-fain comments as that is a crime as per IPC ( Indian Penal Code )

I Strongly Agree that if someone does that to your Sister, Girlfriend or any one Sack them. I respect Every girl.

You cannot change how the world looks at your loved ones & If they look… Dont go Mad.

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