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3 Reasons Not To Use Facebook

Facebook privacy policies keep going down the drain. That’s enough reason for many to abandon it. Here you will find three more:

After some reflection, I’ve decided to delete my account on Facebook. I’d like to encourage you to do the same. This is part altruism and part selfish. The altruism part is that I think Facebook, as a company, is unethical. The selfish part is that I’d like my own social network to migrate away from Facebook so that I’m not missing anything.



Changing Dynamics Of -WWW-World ONE Web

Since childhood i have heard about the WWW ( World Wide Web ), and from the age of 13 i’ve been using it.

Recently I was cleaning my cupboard and i found a Old diary in which i had written ID & passwords.Surprisingly it had the First Email id that i created, goswami_saurabh . I had a touching feeling about that diary and i even tried to open the ID but it did not work.

Today i am a Net Freak. I have my own Website, Blog, and profiles in all the famous Social Networking Sites. I have learnt many things during these 11 years of Being a Net Freak.

Readers…. you must be wondering that why am i telling U all this…

Well there is a reason.
Back in that time the Net was a completely different place that it is now. It was not at all social among itself.. 328
I Remember those days when I had 5 Yahoo Id’s to chat with people and then i had to make a different RediffBol id & couple of more.. Then i used to be a different person in every place in each of the ID. somewhere Saurabh somewhere Nee etc etc.

Now i feel the Net is much more interconnected in it and unlike earlier where people loved to fake their identity on the Net now make sure that they connect with many profiles.

With the evolution of Open ID’s , and Interlinking now i just create one account in For Eg. Google and make an orkut account. Then i make one profile in Facebook ( Wont take Fake names the best part ) and then link them with twitter & link my blog with twitter and so on.

I am just amazed by the changing dynamics of the WWW ( World Wide Web ) … Or i Should Call It ( WWW ) World ONE Web where everybody has an Identity of their Unique Identity of their own.

I can Just Feel the Flow and say that may b in the next 2 years or earlier, Having a Online Identity would be a Must of all the citizens, Employees etc. & yes i just browsed in this Job Site where it asked Links of Social Networking Sites blogs etc to check Networking Skills.

In the End I Just Love ( WWW ) World ONE Web and Ensure I have a Stable & Good Profile to ensure i get good jobs, promotion, Life Partner ……… & they days will come when Your Doc with have to Approve Your Baby to come in this World After screening Your Profiles & Identity 32b ..

Views & Comments Are Welcome.

© Saurabh Goswami

If People Were Websites

Intresting Huh…….

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