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Neat Photoshop

lone ranger, originally uploaded by Disoriented Tracer.

I was just surfing my friend’s Flickr Photostream and came across this one.

The first thing that came into my mind was…

” Neat Photography ” or  ” Neat Photoshop”




This was Not Photoshop 🙂 As Tracer told me this was his skilfull hands which made this magic. A Wonderful Photographer indeed.


Rays of Sun-Calender-Dec-2009

Something that has fascinated me for years is finally on My Camera

Here i have My 1st Calender. December 2009

A Few Selected ones from hundreds

Size: 800×600 Px. Perfect fit on Desktop ( Positioned Center )

© Saurabh Goswami

Ye To Bada TOING Hai | Wipro Interviews

Dear Readers,

This Photograph/ Post Does not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. If it Does…… Who Cares 32b1

This potograph is taken at a Road Side Dhaba giving food to Rickshaw Wala @ 15 Rs Only of a Ad Campaign by Aptech Computer Institute for Wipro BPO Interviews.

The Most Interesting part is that… Its amazing to know what happins after a Uncessful Campus drive by companies like Wipro who invest so much in ad campaigns.

In The End… Kuch Bhi Kaho

Ye To Bada Toing Hai

© All Rights Reserved Saurabh Goswami
Taken by Nokia 7210 SuperNova ( My Phone )

It Happens Only In Jabalpur

Self Explanatory

© Saurabh


This is not what you are thinking…

These are Recharge Vouchers… Take a Closer Look330

© Saurabh

Street Children

Why Does India Has to Suffer
Its Sad that India is one of the second largest populated country in the world and here children instead of going to school have to do such things.

Now a normal person would think that this is what they do by wish. But this is not true. There are many gangs which train these innocent children to do all this and all the thanks to their mom & dad wo wanted to Enjoy their Sex life but forgot to use a Condom they are on roads.

Shame on these Ir-responsible parents

© Saurabh


This Bat was troubling me for a long time. Everyday he used to come in my house and used to fly all over the house. Yesterday Night He Scared the Hell Outa my Sister and fell Down & broke her finger

So….. Here he Is. Dead.. By a Badminton Racket
dead bat

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