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Trace Mobile Number by Vehicle Registration Number

Have you ever been hit by Any Vehicle

If you did & you want to find out contact details of any Vehicle registered in M.P.,  its just a Matter of Clicks Now.

Lemme Show you how to Find out Contact Number . ( Only in MP )

Note Down the Vehicle Registration from the Number Plate and Follow the Steps Below

I Love Madhya Pradesh Transport Department. i wonder if other states have this kind of facility

I know, boys would read this post, The first thing they will do from tomorrow is to note down every Cute Girl’s Vehicle’s Number plate 😀

Gone are those when boys would follow a girl from her School/ Collage to her home just to find out her contact number. With the improved technology you don’t have to do the dirty work the old way.  Also with the increasing prices of petrol its getting way too expensive. 😉


Google Adwords Training Download

Online Advertising is growing & with Google ads the way ads are places on a website have changed. Google Adwords certification on you resume will surely make a big impact compared to any other certifications.

Have a look at the Numbers Below

Google AdWords Qualified – Search Advertising Individuals in India

Google AdWords Qualified – Reporting and Analysis Individuals in India


Google Adwords Qualified – Display Advertising Individuals in India

Google Analytics Individual Qualification Individuals in India

Source : Google

Only 1500 Odd indians are certified Online marketers out of the Billion population.

Ratio between SEO & SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) Professionals currently is 70% : 30%. There is a very high scope of this course in the current market

Get Started Now else you would loose a Good opportunity is Being Ahead of the Game.

Download Full Course Material FREE

Un-Employment Oriented Degree For SALE

Blah Blah Blah Institute

Affiliated to Blah Blah Blah University

Offers Courses & Degree

B.Com – Rs.24000

B.A. – Rs.20000

BBA – Rs.18000

BCA – Rs.36000

B.Sc – Rs.30000

B.E – Rs.3, 20,000

And Many More………

Eligibility Criteria : Money in Your Pocket

Entrance by Exam ( In Formal )

100% Un-Employment Guarantee | We Assure You will Not get a Job

Learning After The Degree : “ Are You Joking “ Nothing !!

Buy Now | For SALE

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Ye To Bada TOING Hai | Wipro Interviews

Dear Readers,

This Photograph/ Post Does not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. If it Does…… Who Cares 32b1

This potograph is taken at a Road Side Dhaba giving food to Rickshaw Wala @ 15 Rs Only of a Ad Campaign by Aptech Computer Institute for Wipro BPO Interviews.

The Most Interesting part is that… Its amazing to know what happins after a Uncessful Campus drive by companies like Wipro who invest so much in ad campaigns.

In The End… Kuch Bhi Kaho

Ye To Bada Toing Hai

© All Rights Reserved Saurabh Goswami
Taken by Nokia 7210 SuperNova ( My Phone )

Big One

Ever Thought How The Big Hoardings Get Printed… This is the Printer..

BIG huh… 🙂

Pic Taken From My Phone @ Jabalpur

© Saurabh 

big one

Presidents of Pakistan

Interesting Facts about Presidents of Pakistan Age "64" ( all while in harness ) *Sikander Mirza Died @ 64 Years of Age *Ayub Khan Died @ 64 Years of Age. *Yahya Khan Died @ 64 Years of Age *Fazal Elahi Died @ 64 Years of Age *Zia Ul Haq Died @ 64 Years of Age And Asif Zardari ? ? ? ? ? Will Be 64 In 2010
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How To Build Atomic Bomb

Now This is what i call….


(Click File Below to View)

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