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Sunakshi Raina

Emptiness Female Version


Comments on: "Emptiness Female Version – Sunakshi raina" (11)

  1. I Am impressed..Very Nice !!!!

  2. shubham gupta said:

    nice one….. must listen

  3. Eakdum mast gaana hai Bhai.. Thanx for the upload

  4. lovely voice
    beautiful… bele… sublime many many more words to describe
    i am also a singer i wish we could have had a chance to sing together any was
    just amazing

    • saurabhgoswami said:

      I agree Sonali. Lovely voice.
      I would love to listen to some of your songs too. Do put your links in the comments

  5. sachin shahi said:

    hey!!! u r really a nyc singer… whr r u frm???

  6. send me email for some composition…

  7. sandeep.sharma said:

    It makes my love cry a lot somany times what else can i say….

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