Nothing Fancy

Somebody is looking at your Sister

Have you ever come accross these type of statements. I had one today.

I posted a Blog " Cute Face " and my sister wrote a comment that

" Did you get her permission to a)take the snap b)post it on the net? "

I replied " Did’nt got a Chance "

On this she replied " So if some guy who is a stranger to you and your sister, takes and posts her pics on his blog without her permission , you wouldn’t mind at all? "

I Posted

" Yes i Wont Mind. In the Pic above i never posted anything vulgar about the girl nor abusive. Moreover.. If this pic would have been taken by TOI and posted in the newspaper with the same tag-line it would have been a diffrent scene, but this is a Blog. Everyday more then 100 people look at my sister like I do at others. Neither they will stop nor I can

I wonder how i would feel bad if someone called my sister Cute. "

I have seen many brothers being very protective for their Sisters, Girlfriends. If someone calls them Cute or hot then they feel very bad and are even ready for a fight.

I have a question Here. " When You go out in the big bad world out there u look at 100’s of girls and call them cute, hot and many more words.. Then you dont think that they are someone’s sister or Girlfriend.. So why to get annoyed if someone else calls your Sister or Girlfriend "

Seriously, I would not mind if someone called my sister cute/ hot/ sexy etc..

Reason Being

#1 If she is i cant help it and in india everybody has a Right of Speech.

#2 If i dont want her to be called those words i should first stop her from going out of house & stop calling looking & calling other girls those words ( Looking cos u dont always speak )

I never eve-tease anyone nor pass any pro-fain comments as that is a crime as per IPC ( Indian Penal Code )

I Strongly Agree that if someone does that to your Sister, Girlfriend or any one Sack them. I respect Every girl.

You cannot change how the world looks at your loved ones & If they look… Dont go Mad.

Comments are Always Welcome

© All Rights Reserved Saurabh Goswami


Comments on: "BEWARE :: Somebody is looking at your Sister" (14)

  1. hmmmm…aisa matlab!!! i todally agree with you dude. but if someone says “what an arse!”, after seeing my sister, he’s gonna be in considerable pain 😉 (i guess you know what i mean :P)

  2. I don’t agree vid u dude? i respect ur emotions however do not agree that u might have not commented on any girl till date n even if u did why do u have to hide dud…….n i wish ur girfriend gets lots n lots of comments everyday ha ha ha ha ………..

  3. I Agree with you saurabh… Sack the Odd Ones Out

  4. Ok, so she’s out in public and someone calls her “cute”, “hot” , “sexy” etc, that MAYBE “freedom of speech”(again debatable) but have you heard of such a thing as intellectual property rights as in if you take someone’s pic without their knowledge (e.g Chupa Rustam on your blog) and then put it up on the net without their permission (“Sorry didnt got the chance” ), at best you’re guilty of bad manners/not thinking straight, at worst , you’re liable to legal action, EVEN if you are a journalist, freelance or otherwise. Think about it, and lets not even talk about putting up vulgar pictures of “hot” chicks taken on the sly at a public swimming pool, and then removing them when someone takes note of it.
    Incidentally, the issue is not about talking/looking/commenting at a woman out in public, it’s about not infringing on other people’s rights, which is why I asked you those questions in my initial comment.Nobody accused you of eve teasing etc., but as your sister I would urge you to think a little before you act.

  5. @Mini

    lets take intellectual property rights (do you have any idea what it means??) i’d suggest you read up on it before invoking it as if its the word of Zeus himself. IPR is the right you have over something you’ve created yourself (like a piece of writing, code,painting etc.) so, in this case, it infact might work in favor of saurabh, as he’s the one who took that pic.

    now let’s take bad manners…you know, it’s all in the intent of the person making a particular gesture (something similar to, but not exactly like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder). i’d rather take exception to a person looking lewdly at my girl (sis, girlfriend etc.), than at somebody calling her “hot”, “sexy”, “cute” etc. out of genuine straightforward admiration. As a matter of fact, a lot of Good Press is Bad Manners (nowadays, they are both bad though)

    but you’re right, it’s about “not infringing on other people’s rights”…”other people’s rights” is as grey an area as there can one be(debatable, as you call it). when you’re driving your vehicle, don’t you think you’re infringing on “other people’s right” to a clean atmosphere?? when i’m smoking a cigarette, i’m doing the same, but if you look at it from another perspective, if somebody is stopping me from smoking, aren’t they infringing on my rights??

    so at the end of this long piece of gibberish (for which i claim intellectual property rights :D), it’s all about Peaceful Co-existence. No harm done to that “cute” girl’s character/image etc. and as they say, “All is well, that ends up in a well” 😉 (that reminds me, what happened to that kid who fell in an open bore well?? wonder why there isn’t any news about it…)

  6. For Saurabh,

    Maybe you’ve got the point that Im trying to make or maybe not, whatever ,your mail is more explanatory, will reply whenever I get the time to read it through properly.

    For Swapnil,

    As far as IPR is concerned, I stand corrected on the definition, however the intent of my comment still remains the same, Saurabh or anyone does NOT have the right to take any other person’s picture and publish it in ANY form without the latter’s knowledge and permission,and any claim to protection under IPR as defined by you does not apply here, i.e. it wasn’t his property to create. He can post as many snaps as likes, as long as he takes them with his subject’s permission. As far as manners are concerned, by definition “manners” good or bad are about actions and not intent.

    Having said that, let me add, this on a more personal note- I dont really have the time or inclination to get you to see my point of view , discuss Greek gods or split any further hairs with you.So, I do request you not to try and fight Saurabh’s battles. He actually is my brother (as you may know from working with him) and my comment was intended to steer him gently in the right direction, as I believe that’s one of the few liberties elder sisters can take with much younger brothers for whom they have a great degree of affection.

    • i read a comment, thought i should make a few points clear, and i did. nobody is fighting anybody else’s fight (infact it’s not a fight at all). and nobody is trying to get you to see things differently or anything. you see red as red, i see it as green; i am colorblind, and that’s that.

      as for time and inclination, well….no comments.

      and as far as steering your little bro goes…you can steer him toward an iceberg if you so wish…that’s one of the liberties elder sisters have, as you so nicely put it.

      btw, i am nobody 😉 nahhh…kidding.

  7. Madhuvanthi Ravi said:

    Actually, you are right! I am one of those few lucky gurls in the world (atleast I think I am) who doesn’t have a blood brother. In my school days, I really did wish I had a brother but after meeting these gurls at college who were petrified at the thought of being spotted by their bro-s, I did feel haha – good that I don’t have a brother…

    I will tell u something, guys have this tendency to play the BIG DADDY role. Even friends sometimes play the same role! I had this friend at college (a guy) and he thought except him, all other guys were evil and that by talking to other guys, I would also become a bad gurl. All this is CRAP!!!

    Guys shd just understand that gurls are also individuals and they can also have friends of the opposite gender. But yes, it is important that you care for your friends – but not IMPOSE!

    You know wat, my best friend (a guy again) gave me a pepper spray and said do wat you want, but just be careful! Now that is the right attitude that u shd have towards a person… Care and care with love n not with vigour 🙂

  8. Good Suggestion Madhu. I would give my sister pepper spray 🙂

  9. Abhijit (Saurabh's brother with a brain) said:

    you’re a daft prick. what you did was to put up her picture, which is quite clearly taken on the sly on a public internet site – WITHOUT HER PERMISSION. that’s what’s wrong, not that you called her cute or commented on her.

    there’s a place for doing such things – its called your friend circle and/or your social networking profile. before you comment, look at my facebook and orkut profiles. i haven’t put up any pictures of people i know WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. i use closed, hash protected URLs given out by picassa (and the like)

    lastly, i’m not taking any1’s side. any1 with half a brain will agree that what you did was wrong. now, since i know a thing or two about how the internet works, take down that picture immediately before some one finds out. Google/Bing/ will always remember that you fucked up. and when you delete that blog entry, put up an apology or atleast a polite note saying why you did what you did. gettit?

  10. Abhijit (Saurabh's brother with a brain) said:

    In the interest of full disclosure or for the people who care – Saurabh is cousin, Mini is my elder sister.

  11. you removed that pic!!!! dude!!!! :O

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