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Chupa Rustam – Cute Face

Someone i found really cute in the Train.Could not get a Good Picture !!

Saurabh Goswami | |



Comments on: "Chupa Rustam – Cute Face" (6)

  1. Did you get her permission to a)take the snap b)post it on the net?

  2. So if some guy who is a stranger to you and your sister, takes and posts her pics on his blog without her permission , you wouldn’t mind at all?

    • saurabhgoswami said:

      Yes i Wont Mind. In the Pic above i never posted anything vulgar about the girl nor abusive. Moreover.. If this pic would have been taken by TOI and posted in the newspaper with the same tag-line it would have been a diffrent scene, but this is a Blog. Everyday more then 100 people look at my sister like I do at others. Neither they will stop nor I can.

      I wonder how i would feel bad if someone called my sister Cute.

  3. […] posted a Blog " Cute Face " and my sister wrote a comment […]

    • Ok, so she’s out in public and someone calls her “cute”, “hot” , “sexy” etc, that MAYBE “freedom of speech”(again debatable) but have you heard of such a thing as intellectual property rights as in if you take someone’s pic without their knowledge (e.g Chupa Rustam on your blog) and then put it up on the net without their permission (“Sorry didnt got the chance” ), at best you’re guilty of bad manners/not thinking straight, at worst , you’re liable to legal action, EVEN if you are a journalist, freelance or otherwise. Think about it, and lets not even talk about putting up vulgar pictures of “hot” chicks taken on the sly at a public swimming pool, and then removing them when someone takes note of it.
      Incidentally, the issue is not about talking/looking/commenting at a woman out in public, it’s about not infringing on other people’s rights, which is why I asked you those questions in my initial comment.Nobody accused you of eve teasing etc., but as your sister I would urge you to think a little before you act.

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